Best Juicers For Leafy Greens 2022 – Unbiased Reviews

Leafy green juices have many health advantages as many essential nutrients and fibers are present in them. Moreover, the phytonutrients present in green vegetables are helpful to control the cancer-producing free radicals in the body.

The different nutrients of leafy green vegetables also fight against harmful diseases and protect against other viruses.Therefore, one should start its day with a leafy green juice in the morning. And with that, your body gets proper energy and the nutrients needed to work.

These Best Juicer For Leafy Greens keeps all the nutrients of leafy green vegetables are kept intact in the juice. And these are the ultimate features of these juicers to provide the best taste, full nutrition juice for everyone everytime. If you are looking for a good juicer, your search will end here as the few best juicer for leafy greens are reviewed below.

Top 8 Best Juicers for Leafy Greens

1.Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery Juicer★★★★★Check Price
2.Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar Juicer ★★★★★Check Price
3.Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer★★★★★Check Price
4.Samson Super Juicer – Model SB0850★★★★★Check Price
5.Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S★★★★★Check Price
6.Vegetable and Fruit Masticating Juicers★★★★★Check Price
7.Breville BJE200XL Juicer★★★★★Check Price
8.Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power★★★★★Check Price

1. Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery Juicer 

Omega MM900HDS Medical

The omega is a slow-speed masticating juicer that provides natural nutrient-filled leafy green juices. And its slow speed keeps the juice protected from oxidants and offers pure and healthy juice. Further, it comes with an end cap that is great for efficiently extracting the juice of leafy green vegetables. And it maintains the nutrition level of the fruits as well as vegetables in their juices also.

Immune system:

It naturally boosts the immune system of the body. To enhance and strengthen immunity, one should always ensure daily leafy green vegetables or fruits juice. The juicer is the best for leafy greens as it extracts all the nutrients properly ad no fiber is wasted or left behind.

Great working

This juicer comes with an end cup to gather juice, making it easy to quickly extract it. And with this model, it has more efficiency to extract the maximum juice within less time. Further, now you can extract juice from all the green leaves, which can’t be done quickly in the centrifugal juicer machines.

Maximum Extraction

It extracts the juice in the maximum amount, and no nutrient is left behind or wasted in the extraction process. One of the best qualities of the best juicer for leafy greens is to extract almost all the healthy nutrients. And fibers from the green vegetable fruits and offers a wholesome and pure juice.

Great Preservation

The omega cold press juicer allows preserving the juice for up to 72 hours. If you’re looking for a straightforward way to protect juice or smoothie, it’s the best leaf juicer. Moreover, the preservation feature is the most demanding one as it can be stored for days after making. And one doesn’t need to make it every time they want to drink fresh juice.  It comes in a compact size and is great for smaller kitchens.


  • Brand: Omega
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Warranty: 15 years


  • High yield
  • Automatic pulp suction & separation
  • Easy to Assemble and clean
  • Easy to Operate
  • Comes with warranty
  • It’s a versatile


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • A bit pricy
  • Small feed chute

2. Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar Juicer 

Tribest SW-2000

The tribest juicer is made of Ultem, which offers fresh and pure juices at a very low speed. Also, it comes with a mincing attachment that makes it more beneficial as it can perform different functions at the same time.Therefore, this slow juicer is great for preserving the juice for many days and ensures that the juice remains nutrient and fiber-filled.

Great Preservation

It maintains the excellence and flavor of the juice as well as protects the nutrients and minerals. Your leafy green vegetable or fruit has a perfect juicer for extraction. Besides, it’sexcellent performance for people who have a busy routine to preserve juices for a long time and get fresh juice at any time.

Quiet functions

Most of the juicers make noise when they extract juice from the fruits or vegetables. So, people who don’t like juicers with loud noise should consider this leafy green juicer. The main feature of the best juicer is that it doesn’t produce sound or noise while extracting. Moreover, you can enjoy having the maximum nutrients or minerals from green vegetables or fruits with these features.

Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar Juicer

Less time consuming

It doesn’t require finely chopped green fruits or vegetables. Also, it consumes less time for people who have a passion for having fresh and healthy juices.

BPA-free juicer

This juicer comes with an excellent blade auger that helps to make the green leafy vegetable juice. Further, you can enjoy sauce chemical and oxidants free. You can also check the juice from BPA that it is free from harmful chemicals or not.


  • Brand: Tribest
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 8 x 8 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Color: Red, Silver
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Slow speed juicer
  • FDA approved
  • Great auger
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Mincing addition
  • It comes with a warranty


  • Narrow feed chute
  • Juice droplets falling

3. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

The Hurom H-AA juicer comes with the most advanced alpha technology. Therefore, the juicer is designed for extracting the juices more efficiently using the new technology. Further, it comes with an auger and a strainer. The juicers also have adjustable end caps that are great for high-yielding and pulping.


It offers extraction from both hard and soft green leafy vegetables. And it makes pulp-free juice with the complete nutrients in it. It is excellent for intermittent juicers to make fresh, healthy, and delicious juice. Although it is a compact size but has powerful working. Its high-quality performance makes it more attractive and the best juicer for vegetables. Best juicers are known for their high-quality work and best machinery.


The coating resists any type of rusting or corrosion. Moreover, these features make this juicer more durable and long-lasting.Best juicers are known for their high-quality work and best durability.

Easy to clean

It can be cleaned very easily. When you complete the extraction process, you can simply rinse out all parts of theleaf juicer. It doesn’t have a complicated design, so you can thoroughly wash it by placing it in a dishwasher.

Quit and simple

Its compact construction consumes less space and is great for smaller kitchens. It has a noise reduction technique, and the extraction process is almost noise-free. It also ensures the environment to be sound-free.


  • Brand: Hurom
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 7.1 x 8.8 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • Color: Matte Black, Rose gold, White
  • Warranty: 10 years on motor and 2 years on parts


  • A perfect speed juicer
  • Sleek design
  • Auto Pulp separation
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for kitchen countertop


  • Expensive

4. Samson Super Juicer – Model SB0850

Samson Super Juicer

The Samson Super Juicer is capable of processing up to 5 ounces of wheatgrass in a minute. It doesn’t require a high-temperature motor to process. Besides, it reduces the oxidations and other harmful chemicals to get mixed with the juice or wheatgrass. It comes with a self-tamper that ensures the proper nutrient extraction from the leafy greens and other fruits, vegetables.

Simple and efficient

This juicer is easy and straightforward to work with. Its structure is not complicated, and people can use it without any tension to know itis working. Besides, it is one of the most preferred simple and excellent performing best juicers for leafy greens. It is simple and more powerful than others.

Easy to use and assemble

This juicer feature makes it easy for busy people to use it in their daily life routine. Moreover, it can be assembled easily after making fresh and healthy juice. The juicers that are easy to assemble are highly appreciated as they require less time and are quick in their performance.

Chemical-free juicer

The juicer comes with a stainless-steel strainer that makes juice chemical and oxidants accessible. It is the best juicer for leafy greens as it is BPA-free.


This juicer offers a mess-free extraction process of leafy green vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, it saves time and extracts the juice fast without harming its natural mineral and nutrients. It is less complicated in design and easy to clean.


  • Brand: Samson
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: 13.5 x 13.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Color: Chrome
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • The air-cooled feature
  • Large processing rate
  • Self-tamper
  • Speeds up the extraction process
  • No lubrication required
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation


  • To large
  • Suitable for green fruits and vegetables

5. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

This green juicer machinehas many health benefits and comprises a soft and reliable texture. Furthermore, itcomes in different colors and has an attractive and compact structure that allows it to be shown on the countertop.Moreover, it also enhances the beauty of the kitchen, and its large feed helps make the juice quickly.

Two-way chute

The Kuvings juicer has a wide two-way feed chute that ensures the making of the green vegetable juices. And smoothies can also be prepared with this seamless juicer with easy. And it is less time-consuming and doesn’t require fine-cut pieces of fruits or green vegetables.

Easy to clean

If you’re looking for some best juicer for leafy greensthat is easy to clean. You can search for more, but this is the best option available when it comes to cleaning and operating. It is elementary to clean this juicer. Moreover, it comes with quality cleaning equipment. It has a broader pulp so that green leafy fruit or vegetable particles don’t get stuck in the juicer.

Simple to assemble

This juicer is relatively easy and straightforward to assemble. Some of the juicers need time to create them. This juicer comes in a compact size and is designed to be easy to assemble after the extraction process.

Maximum extraction

It is structured to squeeze out maximum juice from the green leafy vegetables or fruits. Therefore, if you are looking for a juicer from a nutrient perspective. And you must consider a juicer as it offers non-oxidant and purejuice.


  • Brand: Omega
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 9 x 8 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Large 3-inch feed chute
  • It is versatile
  • Perfect speed for juicing
  • It comes with a warranty


  • A bit expensive

6. Vegetable and Fruit Masticating Juicers

Vegetable and Fruit

The vegetable and fruit masticating juicer come with a spiral system and robust motor. Moreover, it offers an excellent extraction process of hard and soft vegetables. Therefore, its slow masticating technology offers high-yielding juice extraction. And it reduces the oxidation and other harmful chemicals in the juices.

Maximum Extraction

It extracts the juice in the maximum amount, and no nutrient is wasted. One of the best qualities of this juicer is that it removes almost all the healthy nutrients. And fibers from the leafy greens and other fruits.

High Yield

It offers high-yielding extraction and maximum production of juice flow. Moreover, it keeps the stability maintained and saves the juicer from vibrating during the juice extraction process. Also, this juicer has a high yield featurethat results in an efficient and high extraction rate.

Slow and stable

Its attractive design and slow masticating technology offer quiet and stable juice extraction. Besides, the low-speed motor delivers high-quality extraction. The high-working juicers provide healthy and delicious juice.

Build Quality

Vegetable and Fruit Masticating Juicers are made with food-grade anti-oxidation materials. Making them the best option in the business when it comes to stability, sturdiness, and long-lasting endurance. Further, the plastic that is being used in the construction o of the juicer offers BPA-free plastic and is safe for family use.


The juicer has enough power to extract all the juice from vegetables, leafy greens, or fruits. It is the best juicer for wheatgrass and for leafy greens as well, as it has more energy that makes sit work fast and efficient. Moreover, high-power juicers use less heat and high-speed motors, as they harm the natural nutrients of the fruit and vegetables.


  • Brand: LUFVEBUT
  • Material: Silicone, Plastic
  • Dimension: 15.7 x 11.1 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 10.18 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 15 years


  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Affordable
  • Slow speed
  • Warranty


  • Issues reported for plastic
  • Juice droplets fall down

7. Breville BJE200XL Juicer

Breville BJE200XL Juicer

The Breville juicer comprises a motor with 900 wattsof powerto easily blendthe hard green vegetables. In addition, it’s an attractive, compact size with a durable stainless-steel design. It has a considerable pulp container and Efficient cutting disk slices and grates that offer the utmost juice out of leafy greens or fruits.

Fine Strainer

The juicer has a fine stainless trainer. Also, the strainer protects the juices to not getting mixed with the remaining waste. And the strainers can be used to form baby food and seed milk. It is a great juicer to make both fresh juice and nut milk.


It has a compact structure that consumes less storage in the kitchen. Moreover, this juicer structure is convenient to use. It has a large pulp container for collecting the juice that also helps in making juice quickly.

Froth elimination feature

Breville BJE200XL Juicer comes with a unique feature that allows the users to enjoy the nutritioius juices from premium fruits and vegetables. As we all are well aware of the fact that fruits and vegetables produce froth when juiced. A special froth separator allows the juice to reach the juicer jug and removes the froth from it. Enabling the users to enjoy pure juice everytime.

Breville BJE200XL Juicer

Large feed chute

This juicer machine has a wide large feed tube that makes it easier to make juices. Further, you don’t have to cut the leafy greens vegetables into fine cut pieces. It consumes less time and is more helpful to make juice quickly as compared to other juicers.

Quick to assemble

The juicer is very simple to assemble. Some juicers take time to produce them, but people prefer to make fresh and healthy juices. And it takes less time would buy this juicer as it consumes less time and effort.


  • Brand: Breville
  • Material: Plastic, metal
  • Dimension: 7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 9.68 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Good pricing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large feed chute
  • Less preparation time required
  • Quiet operation


  • Only perfect for hard fruits and vegetables
  • Juice dops may fall on the counter

8. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power

Mueller Austria Juicer

The Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power is the best juicer for vegetables. Further, it offers high-yielding juice that guarantees the natural minerals, fibers, and nutrients of the leafy green vegetables and other fruits. Besides, it comes with an extensive feed chute that makes the juice extraction process easier and quicker.

Large feed chute

The juicer has a wide large feed tube, making it easier to make juices without cutting the green leafy vegetables into fine cut pieces. It consumes less time as it avoids juice falling on the kitchen counters and works efficiently in less time. The juicers that come with large feed chutes are also more helpful for busy people.

Simple and efficient

The juicer’s design is not at all complicated and is easy to work with. Its efficient working machinery makes it the best juicer for leafy greens. Its simple functioning and easy to assemble feature make it more demanding.


It’s one of the best juicers for leafy greens and hard vegetables. It not only processes the soft vegetables but also extracts the juices or purees of the hard vegetables. Its high-quality work and speed make it durable and long-lasting.

High Yield

It offers high-yielding extraction. It increases the maximum production of juice flow and maintains the stability of the juicer. As a result of the high yield, this juicer can achieve a high extraction rate, making it a highly effective juicer. Moreover, it is also one of the cheapest juicers on the market.


  • Brand: Mueller Austria
  • Material:
  • Dimension: 16.6 x 13.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Safe to operate
  • Reasonable price tag
  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • 2-year warranty
  • Large feed chute


  • Reports of juice falling
  • Produces sound

Frequently Asked Questions:

Green juicers that cold press juice from spinach leaves are the best for juicing greens. You can make a leaf extract out of anything edible and tiny, thin and slender that you can get your hands on. It’s actually tough to juice those papery leaves, unlike carrots or apples.

Easily make a glass of refreshing green juice with a mechanical juicer from fresh, raw vegetables.To make this recipe, you’ll need a medium cucumber, and for fresh juice, you need between 3 and 4 cups of spinach and kale chopped. In addition, by adding beet or apple to the juicer, you can sweeten your green juice.

There is no problem with juicing spinach, and a spinach juicer may not handle it because it is a soft leafy green.

This spout’s size and length make it possible to eat whole carrots, apples, oranges, and kale balls with no problem. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and so forth juice well with this juicer. Juicing greens such as kale is a breeze using this machine.

A large amount of chlorophyll is also found in kale juice, which increases blood flow to the body. It has even been seen that drinking kale juice daily assists in lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Dark green spinach is for best results. Choose fresh spinach that is dark green and fresh. You can prepare a flavorful, healthy drink by mixing spinach with other green vegetables, such as cucumber, beet, tomato, carrot, etc.


Leafy Greens are the ultimate source for providing you with the phytonutrients present in these green vegetables and fruits. In addition, they are helpful to control various diseases such as cancer-producing radicals, providing nutrients, andkeeping your body healthy. Moreover, for this reason, we bring you the Best Juicer For Leafy Greens.

These juicers come with perfect features that allow the users to enjoy the overall operations, ease in cleaning and operating. Furthermore, these juicers offer some additional features that make them stand taller than those currently available in the market.

They come with sleek designs, color options, speed variations, special abilities to drop the juice out of these juicers, BPA-Free Plastic, and a large feed chute.  These are the main features that make them the best options available. But there is one thing that you need to consider while purchasing them.

It is the price tag with which they come. All you have to consider is the price tag, as they all come with different price ranges.

Our recommendations

Here in the recommendations section, we have two Best Juicer For Leafy Greens. The first recommended juicer for leafy greens is Breville BJE200XL Juicer. These juicers come with a reasonable price tag and allow the users to enjoy the premium features and operations ease when operating these juicers.

Further, the second juicer on the list is Vegetable and Fruit Masticating Juicers. These juicers offer perfect juice extraction features that come with a high yield, and the motor of the juicer makes it a slow and stable juicer for every kitchen countertop.

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