Can You Juice Beet Greens?

Is your refrigerator flooded with a good number of beets? You can use them anyways by making juice out of them. Usually, people throw away the beet greens, which must not be thrown. Beet greens are the best source of vitamins and minerals and there are so many health benefits associated with them. Hence, you can juice beet greens too. It depends whether you walk to juice beet greens together or separately.

The beet greens are extremely beneficial and delicious that adds a wonderful taste to your juice or smoothie. Such leaves go well with citrus fruits like oranges, raspberries, or strawberries. Beet root leaves must not be wasted as they contain high amounts of calcium and potassium.

Somehow, your juicer may ditch you while juicing the tough green leaves. You can surely use a masticating juicer for that purpose. Juicing beet leaves and their consumption may increase the high number of vitamins and calcium in your body.

Method to Juice Beet Greens

Method to juice beet greens

You can follow the following method to juice beet greens:

  1. First of all, wash the beet greens properly and rinse them well
  2. Make sure you have a masculating juicer that blends the beet greens exceptionally well
  3. Steam the leaves a little so becomes easier for them to blend
  4. It is a messy task to handle beets because they are rich in color and you can always wear disposable gloves to cope with them
  5. Cut the beet leaves into small pieces so that your blender can easily blend the leaves smoothly
  6. However, if you find any stains then you can surely use lemon to remove those stains

What is Beet Leaves Good For?

Beet leaves are good for so many reasons which are as under:

Increase the Blood Flow

Beet greens efficiently increase your blood flow. A healthy circulatory system depends on a good intake of fresh juices like beet green juice. Beet greens are surely rich in nitrates which boots your immune system.

Beneficial for Skin and Eyes

If you have weak eyesight, then you just got to drink beet green juice as it improves your vision and promises you healthy and glowing skin. The nutrient present in beet greens that ensure you a healthy vision and skin is Vitamin A. However, if you combine beet greens with carrots, you will get maximum physical health benefits.

What is beet leaves good for

Beneficial for Anemia

Beet greens are the best course of iron. You get plenty of iron from the consumption of even a small amount of beet greens. Consuming iron-rich content may boost your health

Contains Mood-Boosting Properties

Stress may take all your health away. It may reduce your weight also. Consider taking a good amount of beet green juice to let them enhance their mood-boosting properties. Also, the consumption of beet green juice may elevate your mood to a great extent.

Benefits of Beet Leaves and Stems

The beet greens are surely loaded with organic nitrates which are good for the human body. Beets are way healthier than other vegetables as they consist of vitamin C. Natural nitrates are already present in beet greens which helps in elevating your body’s nitric oxide level. Your body’s oxygenation improves with the consumption of beet greens.

We will always suggest you not overlook the beet green leaves as they contribute much to making you a healthy person. Mixing off both beet greens and their leaves, you will get a maximum advantage as it boosts your immune system and fights infections present in your body. Also, beet greens do contain Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and calcium.

Can you Juice Beet Greens?

Yes, of course, you can surely juice the beet greens. Whenever you are extracting juice from the beetroot, you can toss in the beet greens along with the beetroot to get the best results Health wise. Throwing away the beet greens doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

The highest potassium content is present in beet greens. You can juice out the perfect blend of beetroot and beet greens to control your blood pressure. Beet greens turn out to be the best nitrate source for improving vascular health. Beet leaves in smoothies may taste a bit earthy, but you can always add citrus such as a pinch of lemon to make it taste better.

Juicing the toughest beet greens may not be an easy task for many people as it may require a masculating juicer that perfectly blends away all the leaves. Also, you can juice the beet greens in raw form. Moreover, you can also find juicing beet greens recipes to enjoy a perfect beet green juice.


We are sure that we have addressed your question, can you juice beet leaves? Juicing beet greens may be a difficult task in an ordinary juicer but a masticating juicer may work wonders for the purpose. If juicing is everything for you then you will surely not miss on beet greens. You might also wonder that can you juice beet stems? Yes, you can surely do so. Hence, you can enjoy the perfect smoothie with beet greens.

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