Can You Juice Frozen Fruit? Complete Guide

Fruits are without a doubt one of the most effective and delicious ways to consume a wide variety of nutrients. They can go bad if not used in a timely manner. Therefore, many people would prefer to preserve their fruits in their freezers and then enjoy them whenever they want. Do you really want to know if can you juice frozen fruit? If you use a juicer, you probably realize how effective it is to your wellbeing and fitness.

If you do not know what juicing is, you must know that it is terrific. Well, is it safe to make juice from frozen fruit or vegetables? Yes, frozen fruit can be juiced easily. Juices contribute to the uptake of nutrients from fruits and vegetables, as well as allowing you to take an ideal number of fruits in a short time period. In our quick lifestyles, it is crucial that we all get essential vitamins and nutrients to boost our wellbeing in every aspect.

Is Juicing Frozen Fruits Probable?

Yes, you can probably juice frozen fruits easily. Frozen fruits can potentially be juiced in almost the same way as fresh fruits. Although compared to juicing fresh fruits, the consequences will be clearly distinct. This indicates that it may not be as beneficial as you had expected. This is because the flavoring of fruits and vegetables can change drastically after they have been refrigerated.

Freezing, for example, can eliminate approximately up to 2/3 of the minerals in fruits. Furthermore, it also has the ability to break the cellular membranes of the fruits, leading to a change in its consistency and structure. This ultimately indicates that the juice productivity will be lower than anticipated. Many of your frozen fruits will probably end up as mush in your waste container.

Is Juicing Frozen Fruits Probable

Point to ponder:

It is crucial to keep in mind that you won’t be consuming as much juice as you would typically. Depending on the sort of juicer you have, you might even be capable of making a milkshake with it.

 Another point to remember is that frozen fruits are super cold, and sipping the juice at that temperature could disrupt your digestive tract and endanger your wellness. This is why thawing frozen fruits before tossing them in a juicer is encouraged. At last, depending on the kind of juicer you own, you might not always be able to juice frozen veggies or fruits. Here are the best affordable juicers for frozen fruits and vegetables, if you are not satisfied with your current juicer performance.

How to Make Frozen Fruit Juice

You could indeed juice frozen fruit, but you must adopt the necessary safeguards to maintain the nutrients and minerals. Ultimately, the whole objective of this can be compromised and downgraded to nothing more than sugar and carbs! To get as much out of your freezing fruits, make sure to follow this guide.

Place the fruit in a container under running water:

This is an essential part that can save you a load of effort and time, but only if you have frozen fruit which has already been pre-sliced or diced in cubes. You can skip this step absolutely if you have frozen entire fruits. Put the frozen fruit under flowing water for almost 20 minutes, particularly in a clean basin. The dampness will be conserved in the following steps as an outcome.

When the fruit puree is defrosted without this, it becomes relatively dry and grainy. You will need to add sugar as well as more water to make it suitable, which will compromise the juice’s essential nutrients.

Thaw the frozen fruits:

The most critical step is to defrost the frozen fruit. Frozen fruits might become extremely stiff, making it challenging for the juicer to operate effectively. Some juicer blades might also collapse as a reaction to the activity.

It is important to thaw the frozen fruits to confirm that this is not the case. It will be easy to monitor when the fruit begins to melt because their cell membranes tend to break down. This will guarantee that the fruit becomes squishy, which will assist in juicing efficiently.

How to Make Frozen Fruit Juice

Juice them:

After the fruit pulp has defrosted, put it in the blender and juice it. Meanwhile, be sure the mush has thawed. If you don’t, your blender may indeed be ruined, and the food will be unpleasant to digest.

Filter the Juice:

After your juicer has finished its operation, strain the juice to refine its smoothness. This will eliminate the fibers and other solid residues from your juice, letting you relish it!

Don’t Skin the Frozen Fruit:

If you freeze fruit with the peel on, there’s no need to skin it before tossing it in the juicer. A gadget like this one will be able to break down and shred the skin while retrieving all of the juice within. The majority of the nutrients in the fruit are found in the skin, so keep it on for maximal nutritional benefits.

Practical tips for juicing frozen fruits and vegetables:

Use the Perfect Juicer:

The main question arises here is can you put frozen fruit in a juicer? Well yes you can. Before looking for the right juicer for the fruit of your preference, it is an excellent option to educate yourself on how they function. When it comes to fruits, you have the alternative of using a mechanical or masticating juicer. When a rotary juicer is powered on, the blades grab the fruit and collect the juice at a particular intensity. This technique of crushing fruits is rapid, but it has plenty of juice in the pulp.

On the other extreme, the masticating frozen fruit grinder masticates the fruit as it flows through. The juice is then collected by compressing the peel. This grinder has a delayed but more efficient method. So, if you don’t want to invest a lot of time juicing frozen fruits and vegetables, a rotary juicer is the solution to go.

To prepare a juice, match the necessary fruits:

Even when the majority of fruit mixtures are healthy, there are plenty that can modify beneficial properties. There are a few more that can have an impression on the flavoring. As a consequence, it is critical to understand which pairings work the best.

Practical tips for juicing frozen fruits and vegetables

Traditional juicing also provides a range of mood-enhancing combos. For example, you can merge frozen grape juice with lemon or other berries like strawberry or blueberry. This is the answer to another question which says that can you juice frozen berries? Yes you can make amazing smoothies out of them in no time.

Freezer burns:

Though it’s rare, the frozen fruits could have been injured from freezer burns. It is preferred not to juice them because they have freezer burn. Contact to oxygen generates freezer burns. This shows that they had somewhat damaged when the refrigerated items were extracted.

Cut fruits into fragments prior juicing:

You can consider cutting the frozen fruits into fragments before juicing them for optimal juice processing. Smaller chunks equal fewer residues, which will assist in the adding of micronutrients to the fruit juice.


Which Juicer Do I Need For Frozen Fruits?

Frozen fruit is best juiced with a masticating blender. This gadget progressively decomposes fruits and vegetables to obtain as much juice as needed before overheating them, which may also destroy their nutritious worth.

Because it is a time-consuming process compared to centrifugal devices, you will want to deal with big chunks to minimize your machine clogging up or having consecutive cycles through the same fruit or vegetable to collect most of its juices.

How long is frozen food good for?

Any type of food can be frozen and preserved for up to five times its expected expiry date or life span. Well how to store frozen fruit? Fruits can be kept refrigerated for up to a week. Additionally, juiced fruits should give you the idea for up to 3 days. The fruits can also be refrigerated and preserved for up to a week or even two weeks.

This is a very cost-effective and viable solution. This is also a considerably better solution to store-bought drinks overloaded with chemicals, sugar, and calories. You may store excess fruits this way, juice them once you have spare time, and enjoy them as much as you want anywhere, anytime!

Why Should You Use Frozen Fruit?

Frozen fruit is chosen and refrigerated as soon as possible, even while they are fresh. All of the vitamins are trapped together throughout the cooling process. Incorporating frozen fruit into milkshakes and juices is a simple method of getting all of your regular fruit requirements.

If you do not consume frozen fruit right away, it does not get old. If you can find various bags of frozen fruit at a discount, you can preserve it in your refrigerator for many days.


Finally, can you juice frozen fruit? If you take some precautions, frozen fruits and veggies are not dangerous to you or your blender. Juices are undoubtedly beneficial to health, and you may ingest more fruits and micronutrients even once they’re out of season. They also have prolonged durability.

Juice usage is essential for a healthy life and ensures a normal immune response. Vegetables and fruit should be ingested on a regular basis to monitor better health. This is why all fruit in any form, frozen fruit juice or not, is nutritious. Begin juicing your frozen fruit instantly, using the procedure given earlier, and celebrate your healthy life.

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