Juicing Remove Nutrients – Detailed Study with Advantages & Disadvantages

There are numerous questions, among others, that are often asked by so many of you about juicing the fruits and veggies. It depends upon you whether you like juice or whole fruit. But Yes, the juicing of several delicate fruits causes the loss of so many essential nutrients. And with this, we can say that Juicing Remove Nutrients. Juicing is a very healthy option. You should have juices of various fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Does Juicing Vegetables Remove Nutrients?

But displacing fruit and vegetables with their juices is not healthy at all. It is a very unhealthy habit. I am not saying that we don’t have juice. We do have it because it is essential for us to add healthy beverages to our daily life routine. Nothing is better than fresh seasonal fruits or vegetable juices. But if you depend on fruit or veggie juices and ignore the whole fruit or vegetable, then this is not good for you at all.

Do You Get Nutrients From Juicing?

Because fruits and vegetables have other vital components like pulp and fiber that are rich in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and so on. Keep in mind that fiber is much needed for a healthy body and mind, and if you are on a diet, then fiber is an important component for weight loss. And the great source of fiber is this fruit or veggie flesh or pulp.

Do You Get Nutrients From Juicing

Do Blenders Destroy Nutrients?

If you choose to drink juice, go for it because it’s healthy for you. But it is essential to remember always to consume fresh juice. For instance, you make a juice of some fruit or any vegetable serve it immediately. Do not store. Because of storage, it lost all its nutritional level. The stored juice became sugary water without nutrition. And one more thing, the antioxidants activity reduces over time.

Antioxidants help balance inflammation, while various fruit or vegetable juice enzymes help indigestion. Some dietitians suggest that you store fresh juice if you make fresh juice. Then store it in an airtight container with a closely held lid to pass through it. Do not store it for more than one day. If you have juice in your fridge one or two days old, discard it right away.

Juices that are extracted from fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals. But when juicing, the healthy fiber is lost. That is because your extractor threw the pulp in the waste bin and provided you liquid juice only without any fiber. So if you are a juice lover, do not ignore the fruits and vegetables at all.

This juice is absorbed efficiently and immediately increases the sugar level in your body. An increase in Sugar level means your body instantly absorbs the juice without any processing. In contrast, when consuming a whole fruit, your body has to work on it, so it is better to have fruit itself than its juice.

Juicing Remove Nutrients

The answer is simply yes, the fruit or vegetable juices are healthy as your body needs a fresh glass of nutrients of healthy vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. But denying the importance of consuming a whole fruit or vegetable is not healthy at all. So maintain a balance. Sometimes you should consume juice and some other time you should intake vegetables and fruits because both are necessary for a healthy body.

Juicing Remove Nutrients

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Juicing?

These were all the questions that come to my mind whenever I think about juicing removing nutrients. Having juices is essential as well, so I do research and find my answer. And believe me, it was pretty satisfying. You may know what the nutrients are but let me recall them. Keep in mind that nutrients are the vital substances that help us keep our bodies healthy and maintained. These nutrients provide us with energy and are essential for our growth and development.

How To Preserve The Vital Nutrients In Juicing?

According to studies, there are two types of nutrients Macro and micronutrients. We attain macronutrients from meat and other stuff like protein, carbohydrates, and lipids. Micronutrient Juicing is those which we attain from veggies and fruits like minerals vitamins. Keep in mind that micronutrients are essential, but our body doesn’t get enough of these.


Vitamins help the body with the immune system


minerals help us to grow and are important for a sound body. You get all the micronutrients from juicing, which solves the problem of not getting enough micronutrients. But it is often said that juicing removes nutrients, so how to minimize the vital nutrients in the juice.

Slow Juicers Produce Less Heat And Preserve Vital Nutrients

You should get yourself a juicer that produces less heat because studies proved that heat causes loss of vital nutrients. Keep in mind that two types of juicers are centrifugal in the market, and the slow juicer is masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers produce more heat while masticating juicers have less heat, so if you want to preserve your vital nutrients from loss, then you should buy a slow juicer. It will help you to maintain to preserve nutrients.

Benefits And Disadvantages

If we look at the juicing benefits, there are many benefits of juicing.


  1. You can consume vital nutrients in no time means you can quickly drink veggies and fruits.
  2. You may know that in these times people don’t have enough time to consume vegetables and fruits so for
  3. All the nutrients they should drink their juices because juicing is fast and convenient
  4. The other best thing is that you can have vegetables and fruits in one glass and you are good to go.
  5. You can squeeze several fruits and vegetables into machines for juicing and treat yourself with a glass of vital nutrients.
  6. There are so many delicious juices recipes that you can follow and treat yourself with the micronutrients.
  7. For instance, if you consume citrus fruit juices, then these juices have vitamin C
  8. Studies proved that vitamin C prevents and lowers the risk of many deadly diseases like cancer and other lung diseases.
  9. If you consume juice, then it will be very easy for your body to consume all the nutrients fast and instantly
  10. Juicing helps to save and consume many fruits, for example
  11. You have fruits in your fridge and don’t know what to do with them as you have eight oranges,
  12. A single person can not consume eight oranges you for saving it from waste you can make juice of these oranges
  13. You will easily make one or two glasses of orange juice which is fresh and healthy and a rich source of vitamin c

Disadvantages Of Juicing The Fruits Or Vegetables

The following are the disadvantages of juicing vegetables and fruits

  1. The first and most known disadvantage is that the juices have so much sugar in them
  2. Keep in mind that fiber enables us to restrain the sugar that goes into our bloodstream
  3. When you consume a glass of sugar, you quickly take 50 grams of sugar in a single serving.
  4. The other main disadvantage I have mentioned earlier in the article is fiber loss. So when you consume various juices
  5. You don’t get enough fiber.
  6. That is the basic need of your body to have.
  7. The suitable fiber should be taken for a balanced and healthy body.
  8. Consuming juice is not suitable for weight loss.
  9. Because when you don’t consume enough dietary fibers, your health is going decline, and it can cause several damages as well
  10. It could upset your stomach.
  11. Juicing is yummy, and no doubt about that, but rely on juices only and don’t get your veggies and fruits, then believe me,
  12. Without consuming fruits and vegetables, your body health and your mental health. Both are going to suffer.


Because both juicing and consuming entire veggies or fruits is essential for your body, maintain a balanced diet that will help you attain a good healthy body. So your question Juicing Remove Nutrients, then the simple answer is yes. But if you use slow juicers instead of fast juicer that produces much heat and fast speed, you are taking sugar only in your body without any single nutrient.

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