Oranges For Juicing – The Best Ones

In the juicing regime, oranges hold a unique position. There are almost 400 different varieties of oranges worldwide. Some of them are for eating, and others are just for juicing. However, few breeds are capable of being used either way. Anyhow, the subject matter is about the best oranges for juicing. You might be looking forward to the best oranges for juicing.

What oranges are best for juicing? As there are many varieties, it might be a bit of a hassle for you to pick one. But no worries, We’ve got your back. We will guide you about important queries like; what are juicing oranges? What is their nutritional value? This article will find the best oranges to make orange juice. Give a sneak peek at the details described below.

Top 4 Oranges for Juicing

Which oranges are best for juicing? If you’re probing into this question, we have your answer. The best orange for juicing is dependable over many factors, including nutrient mineral value, rich and lush nature, and peak season. Aside from that, the texture and taste also matter a lot. We have come up with the four best orange types ideal for juicing. Scroll down for more information.

1. Cara Cara Oranges

Originally, Cara Cara was the fusion of two orange breeds, i.e., blood and navel oranges. It is a popular native fruit first planted in South America. Later it became widespread to North American countries, including the USA, Cuba, etc. About the breed characteristics, Cara Cara is pretty famous for that. It has more sugar volume than other orange breeds.

Cara Cara Oranges

Moreover, the low acidity level makes it more candied and flavorful. It comes with an exceptionally higher number of Vitamins, especially A and C. Compared to the other oranges for orange juice; this orange has a unique taste. Consequently, Cara Cara is the best orange juice to satisfy your sweet tooth healthily.


  • Seedless oranges
  • Very sweet in flavour
  • Easy -peel pith
  • The peak season lasts from December till April

2. Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are the best for fresh-squeezed orange juice among all the sweetest oranges for juicing. The name follows their origin city in Spain, i.e., Valencia. They are widely used for orange juice and even in orange-related recipes. Available in almost every supermarket, this breed is the sweetest of all. It is also rich in fibers, mineral ions, and Vitamins.

Valencia Oranges

Besides juicing purposes, they are best for eating too. Valencia is famous for its mellowness and high juice content. In addition, you can use this breed to make sauces, syrups, and even for seasonings. Every year from April to June, the Valencia breed remains at its peak. Florida is the most significant production hub of this sweet orange type.


  • Easy to store for future use
  • Has fewer seeds within
  • Larger in size
  • Fleshy in nature

3. Mandarin Oranges

Despite their small size, they are with nutrients crucial for healthy development. Mandarin Oranges have beta-cryptoxanthin, beta-carotene, and vitamins within. Hence, it is flavourful and healthful at the same time.

Additionally, it is the pioneer of clementines and tangelo orange breeds. The first mandarin fruit descended from south-east Asia. There is a belief that China is the very first homeland of this fruit. Afterwards, it was cultivated in the euro-Asian region and so on. Ahead of all, mandarin has high water content, perfect for juicing purposes.


  • Available in orange-yellow, orange-red and mere yellow colors
  • Very easy to peel off
  • Less acidic
  • Can be seedless and vice versa
  • Healthiest of all orange breeds
  • Peak time is between doctor and may

4. Navel Oranges

Are navel oranges good for juicing? The rounded shape and bright orange pith navel orange are not pleasant from the outside but also nutritious from the inside. First-ever navel oranges were found in Brazil . Later, i.t became famous in the entire American continent. It is because you can use it both for juicing and eating.

 They have zero-fat within, so it will help you to lose weight.

On the other hand, this orange breed is affordable too. The navel offers a tart taste with a large amount of limonene inside. However, the sweet and sour taste gives a refreshing flavor. If you’re juicing it manually, you won’t exert force on it as it is relatively easy to squeeze breed.


  • best oranges for juicing
  • Seedless fruit
  • Peak season is from October to February
  • Easy-to-peel skin
  •  Have low calories
  • Mostly consumed orange breed

Orange Juice – Why is it Worthwhile to Consume?

It is a genuine query for sure. The reason is evident as orange juice actively incorporates nutrient-rich compounds, i.e., anti-toxins and limonin. On that account, it poses a lot of beneficial impacts.

Studies show that regular intake of orange juice caters to incredible strengths to the human body systems. You might be eager to know about the exact effects of drinking orange juice. If so, then we will help you with it. Here we will provide you with candid reasons to consume orange juice. Thus, you’ll explore whether orange juice is worthwhile or not. Keep reading for more.


Orange juice contains Vitamin C and various phyto-compounds that are antioxidants and anti-cancer, respectively. Moreover, daily consumption of this health drink will prevent both malignant and benign cancer outbursts. The antioxidants are more likely to neutralize the free radicals in the human body. Thus, the orange juice will halt leukemia, colon, hepatic cancer, etc.

Digestion stimulator:

 this juice is best for the gut as ich in dietary fibres. It not only improves the stomach condition process but also stimulates digestion. Orange juice can effectively retrieve the microbiome working in gut flora. As a result, the central acid outflows to help in bowel movements. It is also a natural remedy to alleviate constipation, hemorrhoids, and other gut-related problems.

Orange juice

Natural hydrant:

Orange juice is an organic hydrating agent. It has a significant number of electrolytes. Hence, the hydration index of orange juice is 1.39, which is relatively high compared to the other hydrants. This potent drink maintains the fluid balance because it is diuretic in nature. Orange juice will activate your muscles with an instant dose of natural sugars, whether you’re running or working out. In short, this health juice is better to opt for as a post-workout drink.


According to nutritionists, orange juice is excellent for relieving inflammation and muscle soreness. On that account, it incorporates critical anti-inflammatory enzymes that reduce tissue inflammation.

On the other hand, orange juice does have cogent compounds like flavonoids, and hesperidin, anti-inflammatory substances. This juice is best from arthritis to skin redness to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, tumour, and bowel syndrome. Orange juice is a dynamic detoxing agent, fighting back the inflammatory microbes and toxins.

Prevent vascular disorders:

Regarding disease prevention, orange juice is considered the optimum one. A healthy intake of this juice will steer clear you from cardiovascular diseases. Likewise, it also minimizes the chances of myocardial infarction, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis in adults. A large amount of Vitamin C  is the ultimate cause behind all the healthful impacts of orange juice.

 The citrus fruit juice will keep the cholesterol up to a bare minimum. Furthermore, it also regulates the blood flow and blood vessels to lower the blood pressure up to safe levels. Orange juice prevents various vascular diseases related to the heart or blood vessels.

Immunity booster

One health drink that is also a natural immunity booster is orange juice. It helps the immune system to work more efficiently and adequately. Majorly, vitamins and mineral ions collectively function to strengthen the action of WBC and plasma cells. It won’t only be beneficial to combat the infectious materials but also to develop immunity against them in the future. In case of any bacterial viral disease, orange juice is ideal for supporting your immune function. As a result, it will revive the immune response in the human body to deal with foreign assailants, i.e., pathogens and parasites.

The nutritional content of orange juice

Orange juice – an extraordinary and potent health drink packed with vital nutrients is health benefitting for our body. The high nutritional value of this drink is appealing and optimal for well-being. According to dietitians, a single serving of 248 g of orange drink per day is beneficial. The long and short of it, orange juice is not only a wholesome addiction to diet but also an antidote.

Given that the nutritional content in one cup of this energy juice contains.

Besides, some other essential mineral elements are also present, including zinc, folate, calcium, and riboflavin as the cardinal ones. Trace amounts of phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are present in orange juice. Various Vitamins are a part of it, i.e., Vitamin K, A, D, E, and B12. Orange juice is a natural health tonic busting with many nutrient minerals. Summing it up, keep in view that the above-mentioned nutritional chart is duly comparable to serving size and changes accordingly.

Carbohydrates25.79 gm
Fiber0.50 gm
Fats0.50 gm
Protein1.74 gm
Vitamin C124 mg
Sugars20.83 gm
Iron0.50 mg
Sodium2 mg
Energy112.0 kilocalories  


Concluding the entire discussion, we have provided you with complete info about the best oranges for making juice. Orange juice is a natural health drink, hydrant, and detox. For better results, consume its juice once per day. Some of the top oranges for juicing are above. It would be best to opt for that one orange type that suits you well.

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